Crepe Paper

We offer a quality range of Insulation Crepe Paper. This paper is extensively used as a lead or shield in oil cooled and current transformers of CVT, IMB and CT type. Much effective than ordinary kraft paper, these papers are also used to shield copper conductors of various shapes bent at any angle. Our Crepe Paper is highly resistant to any kind of breakage, as it has three times more strength in mechanical and cross mechanical directions. The large surface area of our Crepe Paper retains more oil, which results in lowering the transformers temperature. This highly versatile and flexible paper can take any shape to efficiently cover various types of surfaces. Provided in the form of big rolls in a width of 1 meter or as per the customized specification of the client. In addition to our Crepe paper, we also supply a wide range of Crepe Paper Tubes. As a superior alternative for SRBP tubes, our Crepe paper Tubes have excellent Dielectric strength and oil absorption properties.


  • » Material: Crepe Paper
  • » High-grade tubes have a tolerance of +0.5 mm(I.D.) and +1. 0 mm(O.D.)
  • » Crepe Paper in a thickness ranging from 40 micron to 250 micron